I am surrounded by imposing images as I walk around amazing pieces of art at a local gallery. What amazes me is that these are not paintings but, instead are prints of a local landscape photographer. They are beyond snapshots, but instead are works of art.

Beginning my Journey

I have always been drawn into the captivating world of landscape photography, where the images are beyond snapshots. My favorite artist is Ansel Adams. I find his work to be impressive. It always seems more like art than a photograph.

I began my journey into photography with a small Kodak 110 camera. It allowed me to take snapshots, but they would never be work of art. My goal has always been the creation of photographs that I would be proud to share.

Learning what photography is about

Going beyond snapshots occurred when I really started learning about the mechanics of photography. In the years that followed, I started using single-lens reflex cameras and then digital SLR cameras. The use of the DSLR, allowed me to begin transitioning into becoming more of an artist.

I started to hone my skills by attending photography workshops, where I was able to work with skilled mentors. My first workshop occurred in Washington DC with a group called Photography Safari. It is run by a retired National Geographic Magazine photographer. You don’t need to go to Washington DC for your training. Workshops and other types of training are available in most local areas. When I attended the workshop, I was shown how to really use the camera and to think more about composing my shots. The creation of pictures with better composition led me to use my computer as a tool to produce my best images.

Today I am happy to share my images with family, friends, and potential customers. I use Adobe Lightroom to produce my images, and then I add them to my gallery in Smugmug. I find that Smugmug is an excellent way to showcase my very best prints.

I hope that you have found my process of growing as a photographer interesting. In my next posts, I will be exploring some of the mechanics that you need to proficient in using. These will include Lighting and the exposure triangle.

Are there any areas or topics that you want me to explore?